The world of Teron is a dark place indeed.

      Some sixty years ago, the Shining God of the Sun, Ampheren was slain by the Dark Lord of the Abyss, Mestilinar, with the aid of a planeswalking sorcerer. Ampheren, lord of all gods. Ampheren, who upheld peace, mercy and justice. Without his great shoulders to rest the sun upon, it never rose again. High in the darkened sky his daughter Aquillien of the Moon shines her great disk brighter than ever, attempting to make up for the lack, but only manages to create a perpetual dusk. High Arbiter of Law, Everbren, has taken over the throne of the gods, and rules with iron rules and uncaring absolutes. Meanwhile, evil spreads unabated. Demons break through the walls of the planes in places weakened by the lack of Light. Strange creatures rise from the shadows, no longer burned away by Ampheren’s shining beacon. Even the people of Teron have begun to shift into depravity, driven by despair or the needs of harsh uncaring survival.

      In this time of darkness, lights shine brightest. But everyone is touched in some way by darkness…


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